It’s  Blog About Books Not Badgers

Welcome to Book Badger! Since this blog is about books not badgers I guess that makes me The Badger. It seems a fair enough assessment as I am a short-legged, omnivorous, fierce[1] creature that has been known to become intoxicated on occasion (although real badgers accomplish this by eating rotting fruit as opposed to a well balanced diet of beer, wine, and vodka).

Your bloggers resemblance to a badger may vary. Individual results may vary. Likeness to badger not valid in all states.

As for the book part, that refers to the good old fashioned work of fiction or nonfiction written or printed on sheets of paper which are fastened or bound together between covers. In this case ‘book’ does not refer to a record of bets and I am terribly sorry if anybody has come to this site assuming it has to do with wagering on badger baiting

– might I also add for anyone into badger baiting that you are one sick mothertrucker and I don’t want your cold, beady little eyes reading my blog. There, I said it.

So now that I’ve written an introduction that doesn’t at all clarify what this blog is about why don’t I see if I can’t just go ahead and answer some questions that are bound to come up:

Is this a book review site?

Not exactly. Although I won’t shy away from ever reviewing books on this site I want a lot of the content to also focus on the very object of books and how people experience books. Why do people accumulate books and share books or lug books around with them even if they could afford and e-reader instead? In what ways are books different from other forms of media and in what ways are books different from stories. Books have long held a certain romantic appeal to me and I want to explore that through this blog.

If this site is all about books then why aren’t you a better writer?

Let me guess, you’re one of the folks who was absolutely livid about that Alanis Morissette song “Ironic”. Language wouldn’t be so marvelously dynamic if it wasn’t for some really creative misuse. While just about anybody can throw some creative misuse into their everyday conversations, it takes a real champ to record their phenomenal mistakes in writing.

Really though, this is all just my nerdy excuse for when my proofreading falls off a bit. I’d like to hide behind the excuse of a fifty-hour work week but that just seems so much less glamorous than claiming my boo-boos are for the sake of linguistic diversity within the English language.

So this site isn’t for lit snobs, then?

Hell no, this site is for the person who has a library card or at least has been thinking about getting a library card. This site is for the person who is reading a book on the bus or the El or whatever public conveyance you have in your area (may you be so fortunate as to have decent public transit in your area) rather than playing a DS Lite game – even if that book is just the latest Grisham or Patterson book, something from the Oprah Book Club, or even a Twilight book. This site is for the person who, upon seeing that the hardcover is only two dollars more than the kindle download, will opt to wait for their new book to arrive to them through the mail.

The aim of this site is to find some magical middle ground between some extremely inane book club and an overly punctilious English Lit class. You know, that point where books are interesting and fun.

[1] Not in the Tyra Banks kind of way.